What is?

"Silicon Core is a MMO Game about androids and world conquer. You can assemble your avatar and enter in battle with other players. Each victory will help you and your team in the world quest.

It is a cross-plataform game, but the main focus is Linux. The server will only support Linux. Clients will use SDL as its main graphic support and maybe OpenGL

The game graphics will be entirely done in isometric pixel art, while trying to make a more human-like and less angular approach to the android drawnings.

It is meant to be developped in C and maybe Lua"

Background: The evolution and revolution of mankind

Two thousand years of battle and mankind lost itself in its own techonologic evolutions. Vests and armours were not enough to take the heavy damage caused by new weapons. The new machines were strong, but not capable of moving freely. They were not capable to react as human body does, they were too slow.

First, neuroconected exoeskeletons appeared. Sockets were implanted in many body locations and mechanical parts were nested and plugged on them. They reacted good, but was yet not enough. Thats when they started to replace human, biologic parts by robotic parts. They weren't just neuroconnected: Its muscles were replaced by nanorobotics fibrillars and the electric transmissors were interlaced to human nerves. The first androids were born.

The worst happened when they concluded that our brain needed more. More speed, more information, new primitives. They created a new brain, entirely positronic with complex neural networks. Bit by bit, human brains were copied to the new Operating System. When copy was complete, the natural brain were removed and the positronic taken its place. Copy was happening from one positronic brain to another. This was considered to be the evolution and revolution of mankind.

Later, the human body was born adult, using our own body as template, but they were bigger and with replaceable parts.

Then, the human brain was considered completely obsolet, while positronic brains were inserted early in creation. Human birth no long existed, but only replication.

Many attempts to replace our heart were made, but the machines did not accepted to work with any other stream generator if not the biologic one. There is something magical or mystical, but the heart was never replaced, even if it cannot resist battle more than two days, with soldiers dying by heart attack.

To support the new flow of energy that was meant to be generated and to protect our hearts, was developed a new semi-conductor layer that covered the so-called "primitive fluid-pumping biologic device". It was composed by layers of silicon and heavly energized nano-robots, supporting our heart at ~400bpm. This new silicon layer combined with our heart was later called Silicon Core.

In need

We are needing artists and developers and someone to check if the text above is well-written. We are in need of web developers and web designers too (less urgent).

We need:

If you feel that you can help, send an e-mail to leonardo dot guilherme at gmail dot com.